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Castrations are normally done in the standing sedated animal at age 6-24 months, but may need to be done at the clinic under general anaesthetic for older animals, shetlands, donkeys, or "Rigs", where there is an undescended testicle.


It is vital that a vet performs a pre-castration check to ensure both testicles are present in the scrotum and the animal is healthy enough to withstand the procedure. The type of castration required will also be discussed at this appointment. Your horse or pony will also be checked after the castration at no extra charge on the next available zone day.


We recommend castrations are performed in the spring or autumn months in order to avoid the flies.


The surgical procedure varies slightly depending on the age and size of animal, however normally an “open castration” is performed, and the wounds are left open to drain. For more information on care after castration and potential problems please take a look at our castration information page.