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Routine Healthcare

Routine and preventative healthcare such as vaccinations, dentistry and worm control are essential components of responsible horse ownership.



Routine vaccinations are important regardless of age, and whether your horse competes, travels or stays at home - we can advise on requirements depending on your individual situation.


Any horse who leaves home or mixes with other horses should be vaccinated against equine influenza (Flu), and all horses without exception should be vaccinated against Tetanus, which is a potentially fatal disease.



To ensure good health and welfare we advise that most horses have a dental examination and treatment annually - see dentistry section for more details.  



There are a number of gastrointestinal  worms which affect horses, ponies and donkeys frequently within the UK. We can advise on a worming programme dependent on your horse and situation, and generally recommend faecal worm egg counts and tapeworm saliva tests to determine if deworming is required.