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Height measurement


Pippa Peacock is an official Measurer of the Joint Measurement Board.


The Joint Measurement Board was established in 1934 to run a national scheme for the measurement of the height of horses and ponies for the purpose of description and classification of horses and ponies for competition.


Key features of the scheme

  • All horses and ponies must have at least one Annual Certificate before they can have a Full Certificate.

  • Annual certificates are issued to animals aged 4, 5 and 6 years old, or to any animal over 7 which is being measured for the first time. Full certificates are issued to animals aged 7 or over which have had at least one previous annual measurement.

  • Measurements can be done at any time of the year but Annual Certificates will expire on the 31st December following the last measurement.

  • Measurements are carried out by Official Measurers.

  • Measurements are carried out on registered measuring pads with shoes removed.  We have an official pad at Kessock Equine Vets in our clinic.

  • Consecutive measurements must be done by different Measurers.

  • The Measurer for a Full Certificate must be from a different veterinary practice from the Measurer for the last Annual Certificate.

  • The animal’s passport must be available at the time of measurement, so please ensure it accompanies the animal on the day. Also all animals being measured must have a microchip inserted. This can be done at the time of measuring if required.

  • A re-measurement procedure can be used to settle doubts about accuracy.



  • By credit/debit card - this must be pre-paid online before coming to our clinic.  We also require you to bring proof of payment in the form of a printed receipt or an image on your phone. We will then note the payment details and enclose them with the JMB form.


For further and more full information about the Joint Measurement Board and its panel of Official Measurers  click here.