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Endoscopy and Gastroscopy 



Endoscopy of the larynx, trachea and guttural pouches can be performed at the surgery to evaluate the structures and function of the upper airway, and take samples from the trachea (tracheal wash) and lower airways (Broncho-alveolar lavage).




Gastric ulcers are a common under-diagnosed condition in horses and can cause poor performance, poor condition, weight loss and recurrent colic. Some studies have shown ulcers to occur in 50% of leisure horse and at increasing frequency in performance horses.


Gastric ulcers can be diagnosed using a 3 metre long video endoscope which is passed through the nose, and down the oesophagus into the stomach to evaluate the integrity of the lining.


Ulcers can range from mild to very severe and are graded accordingly. They can be effectively treated, and recurrence prevented by management strategies.


Treating ulcers can result in a dramatic improvement of your horse's behaviour and performance.


If you suspect your horse could have ulcers or have any concerns please contact us for more information, and also see