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Breeding Your Horse

Kessock Equine Vets offer a range of reproductive services to clients wishing to put their mare in foal.


Pre-breeding checks

Recommended for AI or natural service at the start of the breeding season to help identify any potential problems and test for venereal diseases if required.


Artificial insemination

We offer AI packages for breeding mares using AI with chilled semen. All procedures are done at the clinic. Please contact us for more information as to what is included.


Pregnancy diagnosis

We recommend ultrasound examination for pregnancy at day 14 or 15 following covering or insemination. Later in pregnancy blood tests can also be used for diagnosis.


Cycle manipulation

Ultrasound scans are used to detect what stage of the reproductive cycle the mare is in, and medicines can be used to bring her into season as appropriate.


Examination of the newborn foal

We recommend examination of newborn foals and the mare's placenta. We also advise blood sampling foals at around 12 hours old to ensure they have received sufficient antibodies from the mare's colostrum.